For the first time in modern history, 5 generations of leaders (those born before 1945 and those born after 1997) are working side-by-side in the same workforce. This new era is wrought with grand possibilities as well as challenges. Virtual-teams and multiple office locations also add layers of complexity.

Business goals become caught in the middle of vastly differing paradigms that drive thoughts and behaviors on how business “should be done.” With different expectations of what leadership, communication, and success “look like,” problems are sure to arise.

To survive, businesses must equip their leaders with a new set of skills to match their new environment or face reticent conflict, chronic disengagement, lack of innovation, and turnover of top talent. Behavioral science research shows us how motivation is directly impacted by ability. An inability to competently perform a task will cause a decrease in motivation to complete that task.

What to Expect…

Expect a powerful and unforgettable combination of live training, extensive in-class practice, group discussions, and personal action planning.